A letter, about intentional heartbreak

Dear Ella,

I know, that at this point and time, you are rethinking it. I know, that at this point and time, you are afraid. And, why shouldn’t you be? You are alone, and loneliness is a terrifying direction to take.

But, I want you to know, that you made the right choice.

But, could it have worked? You keep asking yourself that, and this question continues to haunt you, for you were happy, and comfortable, and who gives up happiness, and comfort, and why?

Who walks away from love, and to where?

In your travels, you have seen already, that yes, it could’ve worked. You have seen it, witnessed it, laughed with it, and wished it the best of luck.

But, love alone is not enough for you, and this is okay.

I know it’s scary to walk away from happiness, it was easier to run, when you knew that any place would be better than this mess you both decided to call a relationship. But it was different this time, because this time, you were happy. This time, you were safe.

But, you do not need someone to walk with you, to validate your journey. You do not need someone to remind you of your power. You are powerful enough.

And people will question you, people will ask you, and doubts will take over. After all, you could be wrong, after all, these are people that know you and love you, people that have lived longer, walked further than you.

In these times, you will doubt your power. You will question your carefree decision, your out of the ordinary decision, your oddness, yourself.

But, then you will remember, that besides living ancestors, there are those long gone, whose life was proof that strong independent  femmes are an unstoppable force of nature. You will read stories, written by your heroes, and you will remember why you chose to run.

Dear Ella. I know that you are afraid. Dear Ella, I know that tears are rolling down your cheeks, as you read this. Just like they roll down mine, as I write this.

Dear Ella. Never forget, that despite what they say, what you will say, you did choose love. You chose to love yourself, before any other being.

And, by doing so, you have saved us.


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