Why Kurucha?

Kurucha (pronounced koo-rooh-k-chah) is what my grandfather from my father’s side called me, it means small worm, or baby worm as a mixture of Spanish and Quechua: Kuruchita (or Kuruchitx). Growing up in Peru, all of my grandparents spoke Quechua, as did my father.

I am changing my name from “Ellita” to “Kurucha” because I am trying to find the deep forgotten parts of my joy. I am trying to remember what joy felt like before capitalism and hierarchies affected it’s space, and I am trying to find what my artwork felt like before outside forces affected it’s truth.

I have come to realize that no matter how much we change, our roots always speak the truth. My roots are from the Andes, and so are my people, and so is my work. My work may grow and change and develop, but my roots will always stay Andinx.

With love and in solidarity,

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