Mariella Mendoza Cárdenas
is a multidisciplinary artist and media strategist with roots in the Andes and the Amazonian Rainforest. Mariella’s work explores their personal experience as a queer undocumented migrant, and has been featured in local settings in both printmaking and murals.

Over the past eight years Mariella has worked alongside multiple local and national groups strategizing for environmental justice including The People’s Climate Movement, Another Gulf is Possible, and Utah Tar Sands Resistance. Mariella is currently studying Graphic Design and Graphic Communications at Salt Lake Community College.

Mariella is one of the contributors of “Somewhere We Are Human” — ‘A unique collection of 41 groundbreaking essays, poems, and artwork by migrants, refugees and Dreamers—including award-winning writers, artists, and activists—that illuminate what it is like living undocumented today.’ -via HarperCollins.com

To contact Mariella, please email marielllamendoza@gmail.com


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