Ella Mendoza, born Mariella Mendoza Cardenas, is an undocumented educator, facilitator, visual artist, and writer.

She is currently traveling the East Coast, but is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. She is originally from Lima, Peru; from the city of Tahuantinsuyo.

Ella specializes on Education, and has worked with youth and infants, for over ten years. She specializes in handling themes of race, culture, and heritage, with youth of all ages.

Working with youth has allowed Ella to gain a wider perspective of community building, as well as to develop a more holistic approach to not just facilitation, but to workshops in general. Ella’s work touches on the interaction of race and politics, as she grapples her own undocumentation, and the criminalization of migrants everywhere. With themes that heavily interact with gender, sexuality, language, and land;Ella’s work is less structural, and more fluid; less of a machine, and more of a poem.

Besides education, and facilitation, Ella is also a self-taught visual artist, and writer. She is a proud contributor and representative of Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement, and Peaceful Uprising.

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